This “TRAVEL JOURNAL” is not a summary of a journey but rather an outline of the experiences which you could expect to live during a trip with us.

    Experience the best of the Torngat Mountains National Park! Take in an “Authentic Safari” and discover a spectacular array of scenic wonder and wildlife. Enjoy hikes, flight-seeing adventures and wildlife observations – all exciting ways to absorb Torngat’s unsurpassed beauty.

    01 – Start the day with a hike on Tetragona ice aged glacier. 02 – Stop for a view of Komaktorvik’s Vertigo waterfall. 03 – Stand with amazement and watch the dancing Auroras Borealis. 04 – Enjoy a leisurely walk on the scenic Miriam Lake trail and discover one of the Torngat’s most iconic sights. 05 – Take an air safari tour in a floatplane over the Labrador coast, see sweeping landscapes and capture giant icebergs on film. 06 – Join a guided tour and view the largest land carnivore on earth; the polar bear. 07 – Stroll a peaceful caribou trail on the Labrador coast with views of sheer-walled fjords and drifting icebergs. 08 – At night relax in a wilderness lodge enjoying home-cooked meals and warm Arctic Quebec hospitality. 09 – Take a morning hike with the inquisitive caribous.

    Authentic Safari to Nunavik: August 16-22 – two (2) places available. http://www.rapidlake.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Authentic-safari-20131.pdf

    Arctic Quebec Between Earth and Sky: July 21-26 and August 2-7 – three (3) places available. http://www.rapidlake.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Between_earth-and_sky-20131.pdf

    Air Safari Through the Heart of the Torngat Mountains: July 26-30– six (6) places available. http://www.rapidlake.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Air-safari-20132.pdf

    The Essential of Arctic Quebec: Juillet 22-26 and August 2-6 – four (4) places available. http://www.rapidlake.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Essential-arctic-quebec-20133.pdf

    Solo travelers are welcome.


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